Further Than You

Further Than You

You’ve Come Further than You Know. The trail curves to the right and I follow it. Trees on both sides, dirt below, blue skies above–I should be enjoying this ride. But I’ve never been mountain biking before and I have no idea where I am or how far I have to go. I’ve come on a first date with this cute boy {now my husband} and I’m Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

The word farther is a comparative of far. Your house is farther from the school than ours. The word further comes from an Old English word meaning “to impel.”. We still use the word further as a verb: He gives frequent speeches in order to further his cause.

further. Use the word farther when you mean physical distance, like if you run farther than your friend. Use further for basically everything else. Further refers to abstractions like ideas or thoughts. Farther is more restrictive because it refers to physical distance. It’s got the word "far" in there to help you remember. Here are some examples.

 · If you’re anything like me, when faced with a choice between farther and further, you just choose whichever one sounds better in context. The words seem similar enough, just .

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  1. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Preposition. At or to the further side of. past. beyond. outside. away from. clear of. ahead of.

  2. Some usage guides teach that farther refers to physical distance and further to figurative distance, but it might be better to let your ear guide you. Historically, these words have been interchangeable with regard to distance, but further is the preferred choice for the adverb meaning "moreover," the adjective sense meaning "additional," and as a verb ("to further one's career").Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

  3. The flesh or sensitive part is the first desirer, though it be sin no further than it is voluntary. Such a borgesian map is indeed detailed but leads no further than ourselves. Longford, the exact locality of the others, further than that they were found in Ireland, is not known.

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